Important Dates

Mark your calendars now!

Dance Pictures – TBA

Dress Rehearsal – Friday, May 19th, 2023

Dance Revue – Saturday, May 20th, 2023

Rehearsals for the week of the Dance Revue are mandatory and if not met could result in the student not performing in the Revue.

End of Year Performance

At our annual Wise Dancenter Revue, the students are presented in a dance production. The performance is held in early May and benefits the students by giving them a true performance experience.

Revue Fee – Due by the week of April 3rd:
$125 for first child in single family
$175 for two or more students in single family.
-May be paid any time before April 3rd.

Costume Deposit – Due in November:
$90 for 1 costume*
$160 for 2 costumes*
$200 for 3 costumes*
*Average cost per costume (including accessories & dance tights) ranges from $95-$110 depending on age & size. Costume balances are due in February.
Please make all checks payable to Marie Wise.

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